X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair with 2.1 Wireless Sound System

Peter Buckley
/ 10/12/2012

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

Why a gaming chair?

If you want the ultimate in comfort while gaming, then the X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair is a must for you. It’s so important to be sat in the correct ergonomic position while spending time gaming be kind to your body with a gaming chair.

Product - X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

Manufacturer – Ace Bayou Corp


Reviewed By Peter Buckley 10th December 2012


X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair


X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

  • Wireless transmitter connects to any sound source – TV, DVD, all games consoles, hand-helds, stereo amps, CD and MP3 players.
  • An advanced gaming and multimedia chair with a swivel and tilt base.
  • 2.1 sound system + wireless.
  • subwoofer vibration and supplemental rumble.
  • gunstock arms.
  • Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included).

More Technical Details Here -


X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair - In The Box

  • B1: 3m RCA stereo to 3.5mm stereo plug cable (1pc)
  • B2: .1m RCA stereo male to 3.5mm stereo male cable (1pc)
  • B3: RCA female to female plug adaptor (2pcs)
  • B4: .15mRCA stereo male to 3.5mm stereo male cable (1pc)
  • B5: 3.5mm stereo male to male (1pc)
  • B6: Power adapter (9v DC)
  • B7: TX Box

A copy of the set up and support manuals here “MANUAL & SETUP“.

The wireless feature set up guide is here WIRELESS SETUP GUIDE .

X Rocker

Pro Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Pro gaming chair is a very nice looking chair with nice stitching and is a very comfortable chair with extra padding for support. This chair is pedestal designed and the sub woofer speaker is a decent size which pumps out great sound quality. The side control panel is really well thought out with a cool looking LED volume dial is large with a glowing Blue led. This dial is also used to control your rubble feature; set this at 1/4 of the way round to work effectively. The headphone jacks and the bass channels are all on the panel.

The overall experience of the chair is a good one, the extra padding really gives the chair an extra edge over other gaming chairs. The rumble feature works off sound levels, very similar to the play station 2 rumble feature.

The sound quality is really good you will not be disappointed. We suggest when you are playing a game with a lot of environmental sounds or loud music the rubble feature can get problematic because the rubble pad is centralized and will effect your lower back. So just place a cushion at the back of the seat to give you a some protection from the rubble feature. This will not spoil the effect but temper the vibrations.

Our Verdict

For the X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

  • Simple to assemble.
  • Very Comfortable.
  • Great sound system.
  • Looks are great (if your planning putting this in a main room).
  • Rubble in the seat gives a nice massage.
  • You get a great all round gaming experience.

  • Need to buy 2 x AAA Batteries.
  • Very Heavy.

A great gaming chair with some great features, if you want to be gaming in style and comfort, this is for you!.- Peter Buckley

The wireless feature set up guide is here http://xrockernation.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/X-Rocker-Connection-Information.pdf

The X Rocker chair is really easy to set up, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes in total. remember to buy 2 x AAA batteries with the chair.


Peter Buckley
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X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair
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  1. 13/12/2014


    Hi im looking for the xrocker pro 2.1 chair want it b4 Christmas if u deliver 2 Ireland let me no pls

    • 14/12/2014

      Peter Buckley

      The XRocker Pro 2.1 is no longer in manufacture and has been replaced by the XRocker Pro Vision Pro 2.1 which you can order from :


      You could get a second hand chair from eBay. Visual-I is a review site only.

      Have a great Christmas.

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