Razer Hammerhead Pro In-Ear Headphone Review

Peter Buckley
/ 31/07/2013

Razer Hammerhead Pro Earphone Set

One of the biggest gaming equipment manufacturers Razer has entered the In-Ear headphone gaming market with the Hammerhead Pro headphones. Razer always deliver a product that looks stunning.

Product – Hammerhead Pro In-Ear Headphone

Manufacturer – Razer


Reviewed by Peter Buckley 31st July 2013

Razer Hammerhead Pro

Razer Hammerhead Pro In-Ear Headphone

Main Specs



System Requirements

Razer Hammerhead Pro - Back View

Razer Hammerhead Pro - Side View

Razer Hammerhead Pro - Flat View

Razer Hammerhead Pro - Accessories


Hammerhead Pro In-Ear Headphone

When Razer produce a product you know it’s going to be designed to be stunning to look at. The packaging is always well designed to be eye catching.

The Razer Hammerhead Pro In-Ear headphones are machined from aircraft grade aluminum using this material means that the ear heads are light weight.

Razer also supply three sizes of ear tips with the Hammerhead Pro. These are made from silicon which if your really into sound quality you will know that silicon does not create the best seal from back ground noise. If you want to have a better sound experience then we suggest you purchase a set of foam replacement tips Comply foam tips they range from £4.99 to £22.99.Your sound experience will improve and they will be much more comfortable to wear.

Just underneath the In-Ear heads are stamped with left and right which is a nice touch. Some headsets are just colour coded which can still be confusing unless you have the box or instructions to hand.

For me a basic approach is the only approach.

What's In The Box

The storage pouch is really nice and Razer have used a semi hard material which is much better quality than most In-Ear manufactures at this price point.

The sound driver is 9mm which for the price is adequate for the job and does deliver good sound quality and sound clarity; over a range of music types. The Hammerhead delivers decent bass which is not over powering.

Razer Hammerhead In-Ear Headphone

I am pretty sure I would not use the PC splitter for use for gaming as my Cosair 1500 Vengeance 7.1 delivers much better sound than an In-Ear headset but the Hammerhead Pro is much easier to store and very light compared with an over ear headset.

The cord is thick which should mean the cable does not tangle easily. The colour Razer have chosen is there trademark colour of bright green so you can put these down and they are really easy to find. Most cables are traditionally black and Razer have also made the cord 1.3m in length so coming in slightly longer than your average cord at 1.2m the cord is terminated with a gold plated 3.5mm connector.

The microphone is very clear and that all you can really ask for. You also have a one button call answer button feature but no volume controls which is a real shame.

The splitter is also made from aircraft grade aluminum which is a another nice design touch since most headphone splitters are just made from rubber or plastic. This is typical of Razer’s attention to detail.

For the price you can get a set of Audiofly AF33M these are around £20.00 less than the Hammerhead Pro but if you are looking at a headset that stands out from the crowd then the Hammerhead Pro will tick more boxes for you.

The negatives of the Razer Hammerhead Pro are that Razer only give a 6 month warranty also it would have been a nice touch to add a volume controller.

Our Verdict

Razer Hammerhead Pro In-Ear Headphone

Good Points

  • Fantastic design
  • 9mm sound driver
  • Nice accessories
  • Omni directional microphone
  • Very good build quality

Bad Points

  • 6 Month Warranty only
  • No volume controller

The Razer Hammerhead Pro priced at £65.00 is a good headset but paying an extra £30.00 above the price of the Hammerhead is not good value for money.

Check out our review of the Razer Hammerhead

Another stunning looking product from Razer- Peter Buckley
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Razer Hammerhead Pro Earphone Set
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